Kevin Leckerman, Esq.

SEO Client

(South New Jersey / Eastern Pennsylvania)

Criminal Defense, DUI Defense

“Last Year, I Retained 34 Clients From My Website Alone”

Richard Jacobs with Speakeasy Authority Marketing has been an incredible resource for my law firm. We’ve worked together for nearly 4 years, and in that time, Richard has re-designed and grown my website’s traffic exponentially.

During my years of marketing companies and vendors, I have found Richard and his company to stand above the rest as being both reliable and responsive.

Being an attorney, I carefully screen who I let work with me, one of the reasons being that ethics are vital to everything I do in my practice and in maintaining my professional license.

I’ve watched Richard’s methods and ideas become tremendously more relevant to what real attorneys need to run a successful practice. He’s a valuable resource and I highly recommend his SEO, website design, and marketing services to serious attorneys.

Adele Drumlevitch, Esq.

SEO Client

(Sierra Vista, AZ)

Criminal Defense, DUI Defense

“I Received A Contact Request Within 24 Hours Of The Speakeasy Site Going Live!”

I just wanted to give you some feedback on my website and SEO accounts with Speakeasy. The website has been live for 2 days and it is looking great! It has been very easy working with Parke and Helen and they have always been very prompt in responding to my questions and making changes that I asked for or suggested.

Even though there are things to work on to make things better, I wanted to let you know that I did receive a contact request from my website today for someone with a DUI in Sierra Vista – which was within a little over 24 hours of the Speakeasy site going live! I attribute this to the quality of the Speakeasy website and the SEO that you do. My previous SEO company couldn’t get me a form fill for a “local” DUI prospect in the 4 months they took over and the 3 months they had everything “live”.

So thank you for hitting the ground running and showing me that you guys/gals know what you are doing! I look forward to working with you in the future and having Parke and Helen and Tracy “on my team” and other Speakeasy persons as you see fit!

John Menzel, J.D.

SEO Client

(Point Pleasant, NJ)

DWI Defense, DUI Defense

“Speakeasy Provides A Great Service, Forcing Me To Provide Input And Content Through Interviews And More”

Speakeasy provides a great service, forcing me to provide input and content through interviews and more. The newsletter they generate for me helps me keep in touch with present and former clients. Speakeasy keeps me involved whether I want to be or not. The only drawback to their service is my inability to give all that they ask.

Jared Allen

SEO Client

(Phoenix, AZ)

Criminal Defense, DUI Defense

“I have been extremely satisfied with Speakeasy Authority Marketing from Day 1”

I have been extremely satisfied with Speakeasy Authority Marketing on the customer service end of things from Day 1. Mr. Parker has always been attentive to my concerns and needs, and he has been the definition of professional. I appreciate that he has taken the time to get to know my business and its needs rather than treating me like every other client. I appreciate all of the ideas and plans that have been developed by Mr. Parker to help me achieve my goals of growing my business through the website. Now that we have a plan that I believe more appropriately fits my needs, I am hoping to see organic growth in my business as a result of the website going forward rather than just using the website as a confirmation for prospective clients of my abilities and practice areas. Thank you for your continued work and adaptations to meet my needs as a client.

Brent Bowyer, Esq.

SAB Client

(Southfield, MI)

Divorce, Domestic Violence

“Speakeasy books are really good. People take the printed books with them and it’s certainly a lot better than a business card”

The books I made with Speakeasy’s help are great. They’re on a website and people can download them for free. And it turns into probably a good two to three potential clients a day that we would never have heard from. They would have gone on the website and gone off the website and disappeared. But with the books, you get a name and an email and a phone number and now you got a way to contact them, and we do that judiciously. I don’t want to hound people but they’ve been really great. I know we’re hearing from a lot more people than we used to.

People like that there’s something out there and the book has got useful information. Potentials like to know a little bit about you before they pick up the phone call and the books have been really great for that, they are good tool. It’s been good to get contacts from people that I know would never have contacted us otherwise.

We also ordered physical copies of books, because we’re a brand name. People take the printed books with them and it’s certainly a lot better than a business card which they just probably throw away. So, they cost more than a business card but I think they’re much more useful. Potential clients hang onto them, they give them to a friend and that’s great.

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