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What The $500k/yr Attorneys Know

A while back, I watched the (sort of) new movie, Dr. Strange. ‘Tis a good flick. Anyway, there was one “lesson” from the movie – I guess you might call it that – which really stood out for me, because it’s something every attorney can learn from, especially if they want to attract more and better …

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Is Your Firm’s Website Optimized For Google?

Years ago, the Yellow Pages were the primary source for finding attorneys. However, times have changed dramatically, haven’t they? Instead of the phone book, Google is now the first place most potentials turn to when searching for a lawyer. This presents a serious issue for any attorney whose website isn’t fully compliant with Google’s ever-growing …

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How Potentials RANK Attorneys (On Avvo, Findlaw, Etc.)

As you’re probably aware, potentials don’t just use Avvo and Google to “compare” you with every other attorney in your metro/practice area. Instead, they RANK you. Not by your “experience” – but by your perceived authority. Among affluent clients, who are willing and able to spend more, this ranking process is more pronounced because they …

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A Blessing In Disguise

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Credibility is in the eye of the beholder. Here’s what I mean by that: If you’re like most attorneys I know, then you probably: (1) were a top-achiever since high school, and worked damned hard to land good grades and secure a place in law school; …

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6 Elements Every Attorney Website Should Have

As you may be aware, we create and manage several dozen attorney websites. Because we manage them, we get to see which kind of websites get the most visitors and which convert the highest percentage of those visitors into potentials who actually pick up the phone and call. We also track all those phone calls, …

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3 Types Of Legal Client

What is a Lawyer-Client Relationship? When attempting to close with curious clients, what will often sell your firm’s services will be the sense of relationship they feel with you as their attorney. Like many personal relationships each of us experiences throughout our lives, this relationship is based on trust, communication, and how we feel when …

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Why Discounting Your Fees Is A Sucker’s Game

As you are no doubt aware, the attorney marketing landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. Law schools are flooding the market with junior attorneys who are willing to accept low fees to get their foot in the door. And due to the fierce price competition being encouraged by sites like Avvo and …

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Where Have All The Good Times Gone?

In the good old days, a decent law degree was the fast-track to a great lifestyle, respect from your peers, and a fulfilling career. Where have all the good times gone? The decent fees attorneys once enjoyed are whittling down to peanuts faster and faster every year. It’s gotten so bad, attorneys tell me they’re …

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Well, There Are Some Things A Man Just Can’t Run Away From

Well, there are some things a man just can’t run away from.”– John Wayne. As I get older, those wise words seem to grow more accurate with each passing year. And it’s no mystery. After all, times change. People change. And markets change too. Keeping up with all these changes means learning to face new …

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This Is The First Thing We Do With New Clients

Here’s something you might find interesting: (Particularly if you’re interested in novel ways to increase your credibility and professional profile without having to invest in more certifications.) Whenever we start working with a new law firm, one of the first things we’ll do together is work through a 7-step “credential extraction” process. Why? Because the …

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