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From the desk of Richard Jacobs
Marketing Director of Speakeasy Marketing, Inc.
Author of Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach

Here’s what they told you:

“Clients are already looking for you online, but they can’t find you yet. You need to get on the first page of Google. That way, it’ll be your firm’s website they find.”

Is It True? Well… It Depends

Five years ago, I put that platitude to the test. What I discovered blew me away.

Before I tell you how I stumbled upon the secret I’m about to share – a specific piece of marketing intelligence that, to date, has allowed me to help 640 solo attorneys and small law firms punch well above their weight and increase their revenue by as much as $187,500 per year – let me first introduce myself.

My name is Richard Jacobs, and I’m a full-time professional marketer.

Back in May 2010, I built a DUI lead-generation website from scratch ( Over the next three years, we delivered more than 34,879 leads for attorneys across the country.

Do you want to know something interesting?

I spent an entire morning tracing back where our leads came from – specifically, those leads that later converted into paying clients. By the way, we’d spent thousands of dollars and more than a year getting our site ranked on the first page of Google for “commercial” keywords like “New York DWI lawyer”.

Why Getting On The First Page Of
Google Will Not Get You More Business

What I found, as a result of this analysis, is that 98% of our leads (and virtually all of the ones that became clients) found us through strange-looking keywords like:

“arrested in San Francisco and blew 0.11 now what”
“2nd DUI will i go to jail”
“cop said i failed breathalyzer but i wasn’t drunk”

These are called “question” keywords. Not only do they look different to “commercial” keywords like “DUI attorney Los Angeles”, they also represent a completely different mindset.

Let me explain:

When a potential client types in a “commercial” keyword like “Orlando divorce attorney”, he has already decided to hire an attorney. He is now in “shopping” mode. He’s looking to hire a lawyer, and he wants to compare various law firms.

But “question” keywords are different. At this stage in the game, the potential client hasn’t yet made the decision to find an attorney. He is at an earlier stage. He just received a shock. He has questions about his situation and wants to know what his options are. In other words, he’s in “discovery” mode.

Here’s The Secret I Stumbled Upon:

Almost all of the leads that become paying clients came from “question” keywords, not “commercial” keywords. Do you know what that means? It means that attorneys should be competing ruthlessly to rank for these “question” keywords. But they’re not! Nobody wants to seize this low-hanging fruit!

Surely there’s a good reason for this… right?

Yes, actually there is.

Many of these “question” keywords are unique (Google have stated publicly that 50% of all searches on any given day are unique), and almost all of them are impossible to predict. Because of this, the only way to attract these searches is to rank for – literally – thousands of different keywords.

Thousands of long and bizarre “question” keywords – like the kind I showed you above.

Do you want to know what it takes to rank for this many keywords?

You need to feed your website with a consistent flow of content – fresh, original, valuable, and high-quality content that mirrors the kind of conversations real potential clients are having in their heads when they sit in front of Google confused or afraid, and desperate for answers.

We’re talking between 8 to 15 unique articles, blog posts, or videos every month.

“This Is Too Much Work and I Don’t Have Time.”

Surely There’s An Easier Way!?

It is hard work, and there’s no getting around it. This is the precise reason why there’s virtually zero competition for these “question” keywords. No attorney has time to write, edit, and publish over a dozen

pieces of unique content every month. It’s simply too much work.


What if it was possible? What if there was a way for you to “write” dozens of pieces of unique, valuable, and high-quality content every single month – without having to write a single word?

We’ve developed a process that makes this not just possible, but also ridiculously easy:

The “Speakeasy” Client-Attraction Process™:

“The easiest and most convenient way to market your law firm,
win new clients, and dramatically increase your revenue…”

It’s unique to the legal industry in that it allows us to generate all the content your firm’s website needs from a single one-hour phone call each month. It’s almost too good to be true.

Here’s how it works:

You only need to jump on the phone with us once per month for a half hour. During this call, we’ll ask you a series of specific interview questions. These questions have been specially designed to “extract” all the most compelling insights and wisdom from your mind with a minimum of fuss.

We’ve refined this process with more than 640 attorneys (at the time of writing this).

Each session typically yields 6-8 article blog posts, and YouTube-ready videos. We then send each piece of content to you for approval. Once you have approved everything, we publish it on your website and YouTube.

Google’s search algorithm takes care of the rest.

Make sense?

  Here’s What You Get

Here’s what we’ll do for you when you start working with us:

  1. Website design or redesign – to make sure your firm’s website is Google-proofed:

    This is our first task. We work through our proprietary 94-point Google-readiness checklist to ensure that: (a) your website is compatible with our service; and (b) it’s not at risk of being penalized by Google. Turnaround time is 14 days.

  1. Setup lead and call tracking:

    It is imperative that we — and you — can track where your leads and new customers come from,

    whether they contact you via email, telephone, or live chat. For each new lead that comes in as a result of our service, you’ll know exactly how they found you, how they interacted with your website, and what persuaded them to reach out and contact you.

  1. Authority “Speak-A-Book” – any practice area of your choice:

    We do this in the first month. The usual one-hour call is extended (just this one, and it’s optional) so that we can gather enough “raw content” to literally fill a small book. It can be a book on any practice area of your choice – where you share your methodology and expertise. We’ll show you how to use this book to convert more of your leads into clients by following up with them.

  1. Fresh, valuable, and high-quality content – every month:

    We’ll get on a call for one hour every month, at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll record the session and use the transcript to create a steady torrent of new articles, blog posts, videos, and all the other content you need to rank for thousands of keywords.

  1. Website maintenance – including unlimited “tweaks”:

    After you’ve approved your content, we’ll publish it on your website according to a schedule we’ve designed to maximize its impact. We’ll make sure your website is always compliant with Google’s latest algorithm changes, as well as other laws, terms, and best practices. You can email us with your “tweaks” anytime you like, and we’ll implement them typically within 24 hours.

  1. Unlimited client support – same or next business day guaranteed:

    We’re committed to helping you reap the maximum value from our service. You can contact us anytime via telephone or email, as often as you like. We guarantee a response the next business day. Many of our clients often use this service for seeking our marketing advice.

  1. You own all rights and control all accounts: IMPORTANT!

    You have complete ownership and control over your domain name, your website, all your accounts, everything. There are no fixed contracts or hidden “lock-ins”. We don’t believe in holding our clients hostage. You can leave anytime you want. If you’re not happy with the work we’ve done, we can restore your website to exactly how it was before we took over the reins.

“How Long Does This Take To Work?
Do You Guarantee Results?”

No, we cannot ethically guarantee results. Marketing is a fundamental factor in your law firm’s success, but there are other factors too – and many of them are outside of our control.

Here’s what we do guarantee:

100% satisfaction. If you’re not completely satisfied with your website design/redesign, or the content we produce, or the amount of increased revenue our service generates for your firm, then let us know within the first 60 days. We’ll refund our fee – all of it – and restore your website to its exact state before you started working with us. (Before we touch your website, we make a full backup for this purpose.)

In other words, you can try our service without any risk.

Typically, our clients experience the following:

For the first few months, things move slowly. This is because, the results of the “Speakeasy” Client-Attraction Process™ accumulate, grow, then snowball over time as it gains momentum.

Around the five-month mark, our clients notice some changes.

It starts with the telephone. You’ll hear it ring more often. (You might even find it slightly annoying, but in a pleasant way, because a telephone that never shuts up annoys everyone. We have some strategies that can help you cope with that.) You’ll also find that potential clients are emailing you more often.

When you get to the nine-month mark, your pipeline will be stuffed full of potential clients – perhaps even more than you can handle. As I’m writing this now, I have an email from a client in my inbox that summarizes this perfectly:

“I am just so busy that I don’t have time now. It’s your fault too. 🙂 Just so you know, I tripled my average new client business last month. I was averaging $16-18K per month and last month was about $53k in retained business.”

This is what we do around here.

If you want to speak to us about trying our service, then feel free to get in touch. You can click the button below and take advantage of our complimentary Marketing Strategy Session. Or, if you want to speak to us right away and maybe ask some questions, please call: (888) 225-8594

Here’s to your law firm’s success,

Richard Jacobs
Marketing Manager of Speakeasy Marketing
Author of Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach

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