The Speak-A-Book Process (For Attorneys)

When you need to see a heart specialist for an urgent condition,

The following is undeniably true:

  • You can’t just call the heart surgeon whenever you feel Like it and get through to them on their cell phone.
  • If you’re lucky, you’ll get an appointment when THEY have time, at THEIR office, and it will cost several hundred dollars to be seen… IF they’re not booked up for the next 6 months.
  • If I tell you that you have a heart condition, you’ll dismiss what I say. If the heart specialist tells you you need a triple bypass to save your life TODAY, or you’ll keel over and die, you don’t question what he/she tells you.


Authority. Credibility. Celebrity.

This is what being the author of a book can do for you and your positioning with potential clients.

Who would YOU rather hire to:

  • Defend your DUI,
  • Divorce your spouse,
  • Defend your drug possession case,
  • Make your estate plan,
  • Help you get disability payments,
  • Settle your workmen’s comp claim, or
  • Get you compensation for a car accident?

Choice A: “I’m aggressive and will fight for you”

Choice B: “ As you talk to other attorneys, please take a free copy of my book, ‘ 10 Ways to Defend Your XYZ Case ‘ “

I’d hire the guy who wrote the book…
The SuzeOrman of DUI,
The Doctor Phil of Estate Planning,
The F. Lee Bailey or Johnny Cocharan of Criminal Defense.

Wouldn’t you?

If you’ve been procrastinating for years, hate writing, just don’t have the time, or any other excuse…

I can help you speak a book in 1 hour flat.

Call me today, or click here to learn more about the Attorney-Author-Authority Process.

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