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I Know How Much You Earn Per Year

Don’t worry – I’m not here to actually publish what YOU make, but you’ll be very interested to know… …that I’ve asked well over 130 attorneys nationwide what they charge for a 1st time, no-trial, simple DUI case. So here’s the anonymous data that might either surprise or validate what you’re charging: National Average = …

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Attorney Secrecy & Masterminds

Unless you’re one of the 5% of attorneys that I speak to that are making lots of money in “this economy”, chances are you’re struggling to pay your monthly office ‘nut’. Perhaps you’re lowering your fees, working long hours, and beating your head against the wall, getting tired of this sh** and not getting paid …

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How G**gle Ripped Off My Left Nut

2 Big Lessons Learned: Bad News for Some; Good News For You The Pain of Not Diversifying how you get leads Yes, G**gle ripped off my left nut not too long ago. Traffic to the myDUIattorney website went down 42% in May of 2012. Same for other national lead provider companies like Expert Hub/Nolo, Total …

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This Will Help Your Practice… Big Time (Docusign)

This week I get to share something extremely useful that WILL help you retain more clients. It’s called DocuSign or EchoSign. Before I get into details, let me tell you the theory behind why this works… Clicked thru from email? (Continue reading below) ↓ Imagine you’re way overweight, older, and ugly. You’re in a local …

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Legal Lead Volume Booms & Busts

Well, the terrible truth is that I see massive ups and downs in lead volume nationwide. Just last month, my Arizona and Ohio attorney clients had tons of business, meanwhile in New York, Wisconsin and a few other states, it was deader than a doornail. What the heck is going on? I’m not the old …

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But I’m a Lawyer, NOT a Marketer!

I just learned an Extremely Important Lesson after being chewed out by one of my SEO clients — a criminal defense lawyer who has 13+ years of experience and is board-certified. He was pissed off because his “about us” page wasn’t formatted properly and there were a few misspellings in his content. “Do you know …

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Online Lead Provider Companies… Good or Garbage?

Here’s the vast range of comments I’ve heard about DUI, Bankruptcy, and other lead providers online. “Your leads are Garbage!” “I love your service. I get clients every 7 to 10 leads.” “Why do so many of your leads never answer the phone?” “You guys do a good job. I retained 2 clients last month.” …

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What if Your Website Generated a Call a Day?

What if your website generated 1 call a day to your practice, and brought you 4-8 additional, retainer-paying clients a month? That’s what SEO (search engine optimization) is for. Did you know that SEO can be boiled down to 2 Main Activities? 1. Getting relevant links to your site, from other sites, and 2. Adding content …

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Make Car Travel Time Radically Better

Are you in the car all day, commuting from court to court? Even if you only commute 30 min each way to work or court, that’s 1 hour a day = 20+ hrs/month. Twenty Hours a month can be used to: Listen to Audio Books and learn something new Listen to CLE material to get …

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Your Website Might Be Owned By Someone Else

Ever been threatened to lose your website and it’s content when breaking a contract with a web designer or SEO company? Before I talk about why it’s vital to control and own your own website and all online accounts… …There are two (2), dirt simple concepts you need to take control of your website destiny: …

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