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Profiting From A Sluggish Legal Market?

Warren Buffett, the legendary businessman and investor, valued it so much that he had it enshrined in his original partnership agreement. The concept is this: He didn’t measure his investing success by how much money his partners made, per se. Instead, he measured it by how much money they made relative to the Dow Jones …

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Recover Thousands Of Dollars In “Ghosted” Revenue?

This has to be one of the most frustrating situations: You give an hour of your time and advice free of charge. Then, they say, “I’ll think about it” and promptly vanish into thin air. They “go ghost”. No warning. No call. And no explanation. You’ve thrown pearls before swine, and you’ve wasted your time. …

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Why Asking For Reviews Is Like Kicking A Hornet’s Nest

A potential client realizes she needs legal help immediately. So she grabs her cell phone in a panic and searches Google. As she’s thumbing through the listings, one attorney stands out among the throng. After a few moments looking through the listing, she makes the call and the rest, as they say, is history. What …

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Attorneys – The Next Casualties Of The “War On Fake News”?

If you missed yesterday’s scandalous news, let me bring you up to speed: Alex Jones, an outspoken conspiracy theorist, was summarily dismissed from the internet just over a week ago. In an unprecedented display of power by Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Spotify, and other big media channels, Jones’s online presence was snuffed out across the …

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Brace Yourself For The Imminent Avvo Shakedown

If you haven’t heard yet, Avvo is showing its true colors. Soon, it’s going to penalize attorneys who don’t pony up for a “pro” account. If you don’t? Your profile drops straight to the bottom of the search results. That means you’ll soon have to pay them “protection” money if you want to continue getting …

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Ethically “Steal” Top Google Spots From Competitors

I sent you an email with the subject line “Shortcut to the top of Google?” It was about how making it to the top of Google’s “organic” search results has become extremely competitive, and how it now takes a lot longer to conquer the top spot – if it’s even possible. (Because, for some of …

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Fear Not Youtube’s Bloody Hatchet

We’ve been talking a lot about marketing platforms this week. By now, you probably realize how vital it is that your firm not be dependent on any one platform, or even just a few for that matter. Why? Because some attorneys are now waking up to find that their firm has been chopped from YouTube …

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How Does Google Rank Law Firms In Google Maps?

I’ve surveyed the Google Maps landscape, so to speak, for the legal profession. And what I’ve discovered about how Google Maps ranks law firms is fascinating. First – each city has 12 legal-related keywords that trigger Google to display Google Maps information at the top of the search results page. Second – each of these …

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How To Become Your Invisible Rival’s Invisible Rival

On the banks of a stream, a tribe built a small village. The stream supplied more than enough fish for them to eat, so they traded the bountiful leftovers with neighboring tribes and quickly became prosperous and wealthy. But as the years passed, the elders of the village noticed the daily haul was dwindling. It …

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How To Earn Compound Interest On Your Marketing Investments

My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest.” – Warren Buffett One of the great wealth building secrets that everyone “knows” – but few fully appreciate or harness – is the power of compound interest. As Einstein said: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the …

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