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How To Turn “Smombies” Into Clients

It’s happening everywhere, and it’s only getting worse. Families now sit elbow to elbow around the restaurant table, staring into their smartphones in silence. People waiting in line at the store don’t look up until they reach the cashier. Rush hour commuters check their phones while they’re stuck in traffic. They’re all smartphone zombies – …

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How To Unmask Your Invisible Adversaries

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” These were the opening lines of a 1930s detective radio show starring a mysterious detective and former intelligence agent named The Shadow. The Shadow’s list of formidable adversaries included the Black Master, the Lone Tiger, the Silent Seven, the Five Chameleons, the …

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Last Call To Discover Your Google Maps Domination Score

I revealed some information on a new way to rank your website at the top of Google. Turns out there’s a “shortcut” to the top of Google – and it’s one that very few law firms, or even marketing companies, know about and appreciate. How? Google Maps. As you might know, Google shows law firms …

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Print Newsletters Are DEAD?

Ask 100 “experts”, and they’ll say print newsletters went the way of the dodo. They’ll say that people don’t read print newsletters anymore. And they’ll swear up and down that people only want to read newsletters online. Sounds reasonable. After all, it is 2018 it’s obvious that digital is where everything’s headed. The only problem …

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SEO Expert “Schools” Us On Google’s Laws

Just like society, Google has a set of laws in place that applies to all websites. If you want to benefit from the Google ecosystem (and all the traffic and leads it brings to those who understand it), then you need to play by their rules. If not, you’ll have to deal with the consequences. …

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What If Your Marketing Provider Has You Locked In A Contract?

An interesting question from a reader recently. He said: Richard – I’m seriously interested in getting the Google Maps Competitive Analysis from you. But FindLaw has us locked into a contract for our marketing, and we can’t switch over until the contract ends. Can we still schedule the strategy session with you even though we’re …

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What SEO Firms (And Competitors) Hope You Don’t Discover

At this point, just about everyone and their dog is trying to rank their website at the top of the “traditional” Google search results page. But that’s getting increasingly more difficult. Because right now, a virtually unlimited number of so-called “experts” are out there making wild claims about how they can help you rank at …

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What’s Your “Domination Score”?

Right now, a unique window of opportunity exists for Attorneys to dominate the Google search results in their metro/practice area. Why? Because – as you might know – when a potential searches Google for an attorney, before Google shows them the “organic” results, it shows a listing of law firms in Google Maps. And here’s …

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Why Your Website Might Be Underperforming (And How To Fix It)

Do you know how your website stacks up against other attorneys’ sites in your metro/practice area? If not, there’s an easy way to find out: From time to time, we offer a complimentary website review service called, appropriately, Video Site Review. The service is hassle-free, and it works exactly like this: You click the link …

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This Little Hinge Opens A Big Door To Profits

Well, here’s a “little hinge” that can radically increase the current health and long-term survivability of your practice: Convert more inquiry calls into in-office consultations. If you can raise that conversion percentage a little bit, you’ll also put a lot more cash into your bank account at the end of each month. Now that may …

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