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What SEO Firms (And Competitors) Hope You Don’t Discover

At this point, just about everyone and their dog is trying to rank their website at the top of the “traditional” Google search results page. But that’s getting increasingly more difficult. Because right now, a virtually unlimited number of so-called “experts” are out there making wild claims about how they can help you rank at …

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What’s Your “Domination Score”?

Right now, a unique window of opportunity exists for Attorneys to dominate the Google search results in their metro/practice area. Why? Because – as you might know – when a potential searches Google for an attorney, before Google shows them the “organic” results, it shows a listing of law firms in Google Maps. And here’s …

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Why Your Website Might Be Underperforming (And How To Fix It)

Do you know how your website stacks up against other attorneys’ sites in your metro/practice area? If not, there’s an easy way to find out: From time to time, we offer a complimentary website review service called, appropriately, Video Site Review. The service is hassle-free, and it works exactly like this: You click the link …

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This Little Hinge Opens A Big Door To Profits

Well, here’s a “little hinge” that can radically increase the current health and long-term survivability of your practice: Convert more inquiry calls into in-office consultations. If you can raise that conversion percentage a little bit, you’ll also put a lot more cash into your bank account at the end of each month. Now that may …

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The Best And Worst Of Times For Attorneys

2018 – right now it’s both the best of times and worst of times for attorneys. It’s the worst of times, because the legal industry isn’t growing. In fact, the legal industry’s rate of growth over the last ten years has been the same as inflation. Yet, law schools keep pumping more and more freshly-minted …

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Secrets Of Attorney Marketing – From Warren Buffet?

Warren Buffett is, unquestionably, the world’s greatest investor. A lot of folks come close, but Buffet is in a league of his own. What’s the secret of his success? He knows how to tell the difference between businesses that have protected, long-range earning power – and business that may seem to be making money right …

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Is The Legal Profession Really “Win-Win”?

If you haven’t read the book Start with No, by the late Jim Camp, I recommend picking up a copy. Jim was a fearsome negotiator with legendary skills, and he had a reputation for wiping the floor with his foes. If you’re interested in a counterintuitive system for negotiating any deals in all kinds of …

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No Place For “Betas” In Your Metro/Practice Area

In almost any dominance hierarchy – like, a pack of wolves, a schoolyard, or the business world – there are “alphas” and “betas”. Alphas get the first pick of everything – food, mates, shelter, land, and so on. Betas have to fight amongst themselves for the scraps. If you’re like most attorneys we work with, …

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Most Attorneys Flub This Question

The legal market has become much more competitive than it used to be. If you want your firm to survive over the next five years – let alone thrive – then there’s one question that you must be able to answer convincingly. Most attorneys flub this question. Not because they aren’t capable of answering, but …

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I Want Someone Local SEO

I had a… bemusing… conversation with an (ex-)attorney client of ours, and I really want to share some of the juicy details with you. Because it illustrates a common mistake some attorneys make. Let’s call our ex-client Steven. He called me to give notice — he’s decided that, despite the great results we’ve achieved together …

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