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How To Neutralize Negative Reviews

Negative reviews sometimes sting a little. But, they happen to the best of us. Why? Because, no matter how careful and skilled you are – a few feathers are going to get ruffled over the years. It’s part of the price we pay for success. Be that as it may, it’s still a royal pain …

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How To Escape The Never-Ending Carousel Of Finding New Clients

We’ve all heard the myth of Sisyphus. He upset the gods, so they sentenced him to an eternity of hard labor: each day he struggled within an inch of his life to roll a boulder to the top of a mountain, and each night it rolled back down and hit him. Doesn’t finding clients for …

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Grab A Copy Of This Book ASAP

If anyone asked me, I’d say that I believe the strategies I share in my book “Secrets of Attorney Marketing Law School Dares Not Teach” can revolutionize your practice. But it’s my book, so my opinion doesn’t make it true. So, instead, here’s what other attorneys have to say: “This book has changed the way …

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Five-Star Avvo Reviews – From Losers?

A common misconception floating around about Avvo is that you can only get reviews from cases you’ve won. This is false. Some of the best Avvo reviews my clients have ever received weren’t from clients who won their case – they were from clients who lost. Why would a client who lost their case give …

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Eliminating Price Objections Before They Happen

You know what annoys most attorneys I talk to? Price objections. Why? Because any time a potential objects with something like, “You’re too expensive,” or “I can’t afford that,” they’re really saying “it’s not worth that much to me.” When that happens, the chances of them becoming a client plummet rapidly toward zero. They may …

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10-Minutes To A Higher Avvo Score?

A quick story about how one attorney improved his Avvo rating with a simple, ten-minute phone call. This is something that I’ve heard many times now, because apparently it happens to quite a few attorneys. Here’s the story: Apparently, his Avvo profile wasn’t quite as high as he knew it could be. (I believe his …

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94 Proven Ways To Attract More Potentials

Yesterday, I told you about the 94-point checklist that my team uses to examine an attorney’s website with a fine-tooth comb when we first take them on as a new client. We do this to make sure their website isn’t leaving any money on the table. After three years of testing on over 300 attorney …

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ALL Of Your Website Traffic Gone OVERNIGHT?

Here’s a scary fact: A few years back, I surveyed 400 attorneys to find out if they owned their domain name. 90% of them said they weren’t sure. What’s so scary about this? Well, let’s say you don’t own your domain name. Instead, it’s owned by your SEO or marketing company, or your web guy. …

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How To Harvest Bushels Of Client Reviews

Yesterday, we were talking about why marketing isn’t best used as a quick-fix for a flagging business, it’s something you set up early on – like planting a seed – so that it grows and blossoms over the years and bears fruit. Again, like the old Chinese proverb says: “The best time to plant a …

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Lumpy” Mail

I’d like to share a classic client-generation strategy that companies in a variety of industries have used successfully for years. Oddly enough, it’s rarely used in the legal profession, but we routinely use it with our attorney clients because it’s a time-tested and proven strategy to land new cases. What is it? A deceptively simple …

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